How to dress for work during the Spanish summer

Spanish summers can be stiflingly hot, making it harder to choose the right clothes for work during these months. In general, the dress code is more relaxed to be able to cool down, however this leads to many mistakes when it comes to dressing for the office. For this reason, sometimes it is easier to […]

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Birthdays and leaving – the definitive guide to Spanish office ceremonies

Every culture has its ceremonies. In fact, ceremonies could almost be considered to be a defining element of a culture. One of the consequences of globalisation, a process itself largely driven by business, is growing uniformity. Increasingly we all shop at the same global market place either via online giants like Amazon, or through the […]

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¿”Tú” or “usted”? ¿”Vosotros” or “ustedes”? Read these explanations so that you don’t make mistakes!

Nowadays, it’s essential to know how to conduct yourself correctly in different conversational situations, especially when speaking a language that is closely bound to the protocol.

Although there’s no doubt that Spanish is considered by many as a fairly relaxed language when referring to forms of address, at AIL business, we want to show you the […]

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Human Resources vocabulary in Spanish

Spanish business vocabulary can be confusing and Google Translate doesn’t always give the real meaning. Getting Spanish vocabulary for human resource management correct is important because one word misinterpreted could lead to costly mistakes. We have all heard the anecdote of our friend who was “despedido” (a literal English translation is “to be fired”) and […]

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How to make friends in a Spanish workplace

Making friends in a professional environment can be difficult when you’re from a different culture and can barely speak the language. Our guide to making friends in a Spanish workplace outlines ways you can make an instant connection with your colleagues and overcome the cultural and language barriers that you think stand in your way. […]

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